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Molecular Devices Introduces IMAP TR-FRET Detection System

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Molecular Devices Corporation has announced the launch of its IMAP® Time Resolved Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (TR-FRET) homogeneous detection system for its proprietary IMAP platform.

This system further expands the versatility of IMAP by offering both Fluorescence Polarization (FP) and TR-FRET detection, allowing researchers to select between two well-known detection methods without changing technologies.

IMAP TR-FRET is designed to provide advantages over existing products as it is antibody independent and stable for 24 hours. With no antibodies, the tedious search for a compatible antibody is eliminated and accelerates the assay development process.

Susan Clark, Director of Reagents Marketing at Molecular Devices stated, "The IMAP platform is quickly becoming the preferred assay to screen kinase activity as it is applicable to all regions of the human kinome."

"The IMAP platform enables our customers to more efficiently develop assays for uncommon and proprietary enzymes with a homogeneous, antibody independent system."

Clark continued, "With the IMAP Platform binding systems, Substrate Finder Plates, validated substrates, and the FP and TR-FRET detection modes, transitions from assay development, screening and hit evaluation can be accelerated for virtually any kinase with precision and reproducibility."