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Molecular Devices to attend USGEB 2012, Molecular Recognition: When Biology meets Chemistry

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The SpectraMax® Paradigm® Multi-Mode Microplate Detection Platform is the only user upgradeable microplate reader on the market that allows for real-time system configuration by the user in less than two minutes. This revolution in modularity allows you to read what you want, when you want without compromising your biology. Although your detection needs may change, your equipment can stay the same simply by adding a new detection cartridge. Cartridges being showcased at the booth include TUNE, Absorbance, HTRF, AlphaScreen and Fluorescence Polarization.

We will be running personalized product demonstrations at our booth #29, please send your assay protocol to infoboxeu@moldev.com by Wednesday 1st February to book your demonstration.

We will also have some of our world-class array of Axon conventional electrophysiology hardware and software products on the booth.   Axon Instruments capture and analyse the bioelectricity, the very essence of the nervous system by measuring small numbers of charged particles as they traverse cell membranes at time scales faster than a blink of an eye frozen in small snapshots on our pClamp Software. The Axon range of conventional electrophysiology is vital in the basic ion channel research, cell pathway analysis, disease research and lead identification and optimization, and safety assessments environments.

For further information about this show and our product demonstrations please email infoboxeu@moldev.com