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MolPort Streamlines Access to the Global R&D Chemical Marketplace

MolPort Streamlines Access to the Global R&D Chemical Marketplace content piece image
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MolPort Inc. is proud to unveil new branding and an uplifted website to simplify access to the global R&D chemical marketplace and celebrate 15 years of supporting the drug discovery community. The new, integrated website provides intuitive and seamless access to unique chemicals from a vetted network of more than 70 global chemical suppliers, delivering simpler compound sourcing to millions of scientists around the world.

Since 2006, the company has been committed to tackling a key challenge in the industry, placing transparency of information, availability, and pricing at its core. Today, MolPort offers an easy-to-access, data-driven marketplace, connecting large and small chemical suppliers to scientists in drug discovery. Over its 15-year history, the company has developed an intelligent platform providing a direct line to over 4.6 million unique stock screening compounds, 410 thousand stock building blocks, and over 1 billion virtual products.

Dr. Imants Zudans, CEO at MolPort, commented “Our goal has always been to simplify the purchasing process for scientists by removing needless logistics and paperwork demands, and providing easy, online access to the global chemical marketplace. When MolPort was founded, we saw that the first step was to improve transparency of chemical catalogs, working closely with suppliers, including those with small, unique libraries. In time, we were able to reduce the bottleneck customers faced by developing our ever-improving online gateway. Now we can offer intelligence on all our supplier fulfillment capabilities and a single portal that provides stability and reliability in an otherwise complex marketplace with many players and moving parts.”

MolPort’s new website has been designed to integrate its four overarching services — online search, database access, order & fulfilment, laboratory services — to enhance customer experience and further streamline the chemical sourcing process. The improved interface makes searching MolPort’s database of millions of building blocks and screening compounds even easier than before and simplifies access to a range of resources, support and tools.

Janis Oslejs, founder and chairman of Molport, also commented “We’ve put in a lot of hard work over the past 15 years to make compound sourcing easier – and we thought it was time for our looks to reflect the cutting-edge services we offer. The new website enhances access to our already fantastic services; providing flexible, intuitive searching, transparent pricing, and smart self-serve ordering that our customers have come to expect.” He continued, “Our team is just as passionate about delivering simple solutions now as on day one, helping to expedite research and drug discovery. We’re all really thrilled to mark this 15-year milestone by bringing our customers an even better online experience.”