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Nanion Launches Second Generation Automated Patch Clamp Workstation

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Nanion has established its entry level device for automated patch clamp, the NPC ©-1 port-a-patch© and is now launching its second generation instrumentation, the NPC©-16 patchliner©.

The patchliner© is a robotic multi-channel patch clamp workstation for high quality cellular electrophysiology with increased throughput capabilities.

The system uses Nanions microstructured glass chips and employs microfluidics to enable fast perfusion.

Nanion claims that, high success rates in gigaseal formation and stable whole cell recording of 60-80% are routinely achieved.

The patchliner© is designed to allow the fast application of compounds in laminar flow channels (~50ms, ideally suited for ligand gated channels) and enable intracellular perfusion, so both sides of the cell membrane are accessible by pipetting robotics.