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Needle-Free Drug Delivery Platform Startup Presents New Prototype

Needle-Free Drug Delivery Platform Startup Presents New Prototype content piece image
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NovaXS Biotech Corp (NovaXS), developers of an in-home and needle-free drug delivery platform, for the first time unveiled its new prototype of its needle-free injection therapy smart medical device. The team presented it at mHub’s MedTech Accelerator Program’s annual Demo Day in Chicago.

Jonathan Xing, COO and co-Founder of NovaXS, along with Alex Zou, the Chief Technology Officer of NovaXS showcased the new prototype, a smart drug delivery platform. The patent-pending technology called Telosis administers a narrow stream of medication without a needle in 0.3 seconds and analyzes your injection data to help you make smarter health decisions. It’s the world’s first remote medication and self-administration monitoring platform and provides an easy and painless alternative for at-home drug delivery. The first indication they are pursuing is IVF treatments.

“NovaXS’ team has been working hard to develop a user-friendly no-needle solution for injection drug delivery. We envision a day when people living with chronic illness have one less thing to worry about because all they have to do to administer their medication is press one button and their healthcare provider can remotely monitor their treatment,” said Xing.

At mHub’s Demo Day, Xing also outlined the company’s plans for product development, market potential and revenue generation. He also highlighted recent milestones such as submitting the new prototype for a patent and signing multiple letters of intent with IVF clinics in California.

“mHub’s accelerator program has given NovaXS the tools and resources we need to focus on product development and has provided opportunities for us to connect with new investors and industry partners,” added Xing. “At Demo Day we’re able to collect valuable feedback and it’s energized our team to focus on our mission of making healthcare more accessible for all.”

NovaXS was selected among hundreds of applicants through a rigorous vetting process that included an advisory committee of healthcare industry experts, venture capitalists, manufacturers, and serial entrepreneurs. NovaXS was selected based on its ability to address large, unmet needs with innovative solutions that will transform patient care. As cohort members, Xing receives startup strategic planning guidance, networking opportunities and mentorship.