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New Heterogeneous Catalyst Kit

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Alfa Aesar has announced the new Heterogeneous Catalyst Kit - developed by Johnson Matthey Catalysis and Chiral Technologies - is now available. The new Heterogeneous Catalyst Kit provides instant availability to 40 different types of catalysts. These products are based on precious metals and have an optimized combination of metal and support for excellent performance.

The effective metal-support combination of the new Heterogeneous Catalyst 40 Sample Kit covers a complete range of catalytic reactions involving hydrogen. An application table provided in each kit enables the user to select appropriate catalysts for screening applications.

More about the kit and the individual catalysts included:

• All samples are 5g size
• Individual replacements are available
• Excellent tool for screening and research projects
• All catalysts supplied in the kit are commercially available
• The precious metal based products have an optimized combination of metal and support offering superior catalytic performance
• Extensive applications table is included with the kit
• Customized solutions and technical assistance available from global support teams

Also available is the Mini Advanced Homogeneous Coupling Kit:

Designed for challenging C-C coupling reactions, amination, alpha ketone arylation, etc., using sterically hindered substrates. This kit includes a Catalytic Reaction & Coupling Reference Guide and contains 1 gram samples.