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New Lab Reactor Combines Versatility, Ease-of-use and Productivity

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Lara Lite includes a dedicated speed control box with LCD display. This push button speed control box provides electronic control from 70 to 1000 rpm with additional torque display. Lara Lite also features an RS232 interface for optional PC speed control and logging using any generic control software.

Lara Lite is designed to replace the requirement for multiple glass reaction set-ups in multiple fumehoods. Lara's unique ability to accept jacketed vessels from 100ml to 10 litres means that a single synthesis workstation can easily be used for a variety of projects. Simply select the vessel size and style you need and change it in minutes, without the need for tools.

The Lara Lite integral hinged stirrer drive automatically ensures the correct stirrer alignment and eliminates the requirement for manual adjustment. The result of this novel feature is ultra-stable stirring without vibration, a significant reduction in experimental set-up time, full access to the reactor lid and ports and a reduction of the overall unit height ensuring that the Lara Lite will fit into a standard fumehood. The Lara Lite quick-release vessel clamping mechanism allows reaction vessels to be safely exchanged in minutes without the requirement of any tools.  A novel semi-automated drain down facility allows Lara Lite users to rapidly drain down reactor circulation fluids in experiments that require a reactor exchange.  This facility not only reduces the hazards and mess associated with spilt circulation fluid but the unrestrictive quick connector couplings do not impede oil flow thereby maximising recirculation efficiency.

Lara Lite is a flexible, modular CLR unit which enables rapid interchange of single, vacuum or split jacketed vessels from 100ml to 10 litres in a range of geometries allowing you to optimise reactions, scale up and mimic plant.  Options enable the Lara Lite to handle liquid and solid additions, gas, vacuum, reflux, distillation and post reaction work-ups.