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New Process Chemistry Technology Allows Automated Lab Reactor Control

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Mettler Toledo has announced that the RX-10 Automated Lab Reactor Control is now available. RX-10 controls jacketed lab reactors with third party heating and cooling systems, liquid addition, stirrers and Process Analytical Technology (PAT) tools.

Operating with a touchscreen walk-up interface allows scientists to consistently control reactors on any scale from milliliters to multi-liter - reducing human error and training cost.

Jacketed lab reactors are essential tools applied in research, small scale production and scale-up in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. RX-10 Reactor Control automatically collects data from all laboratory reactor equipment and sensors, together with in situ PAT instruments, including pH, particle size analysis, FTIR spectroscopy and chemical reaction sampling. Since all data is automatically captured, RX-10 Reactor Control guarantees that important information will never be lost again.

Unattended reactor control 24 hours a day increases productivity with confidence. Experimental sequences and safety limits can be pre-programed so experiments can run safely overnight. The local touchscreen or PC software offers remote reactor control so scientists can configure all experiment parameters without opening the hood.

RX-10 Reactor Control reduces the time needed to merge and process analytical data, visualize and identify key reaction events and create smart reports. Automated reporting leads to better history.