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Next Generation Liquid Dispensing and Gas Handling Products at SLAS

 Next Generation Liquid Dispensing and Gas Handling Products at SLAS content piece image
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Festo is to debut a new generation of high speed, flexible, and precise liquid dispensing and gas handling products at SLAS, January 27-29, in San Diego. These solutions were developed at the Festo Life Sciences Technology Engineering Center, Billerica, Mass. (Festo Booth #413)  

Liquid dispensing 

The VYKA is the company’s new precision dispensing valve. VYKA operates via pressure and time rather than by volume. Pressure and time-based dispensing improve accuracy as measured by low coefficient of variation (Cv). The VYKA aims to offer equipment manufacturers and end users greater flexibility because dispensed volumes are infinitely variable and can be quickly changed. Visitors to the Festo booth can control an active time and pressure dispensing system and see the benefits of variable volume with low Cv.

Festo also introduces the VAEM eight-channel high-speed valve controller. When paired with the VYKA and other time and pressure valves, the VAEM is designed to deliver flexibility and speed in both dispensing and aspirating.

Booth visitors will see a demonstration of the Festo 96-channel bulk-dispense head. The 96-channel system increases throughput by dispensing reagents into 96/384 well microplates at high speed. Dispense volumes can range from under 10ul to over 100ul, with an overall Cv under 5% in most cases. 

Gas handling

Festo displays its Piezo-based VEAB proportional pressure regulator for precision flow and pressure control. And, Festo introduces its new cost-competitive mass flow controller, the Piezo-based VEMD. Ideal for the life sciences, Piezo valves are small, lightweight, precise, durable, fast, and consume minimal energy. The valves are also practically heat-free, operate silently, and resist wear. 

Sample handling

For sample handling, Festo offers the EXCM planar surface gantry for moving vials in the x, y, and/or z axes. The EXCM is designed to be precise, fast, and compact. EXCM gantries arrive quickly in kit form ready for fast, easy assembly with matched motors, drives, and axes. 

Automated vial and cap grippers

The EHMD integrated rotary gripper is used for capping and de-capping. This all-in-one gripper is designed for infinite electric rotation and electric or pneumatic gripping. EHMD is rated for vials up to 15 ml. The EHPS gripper, with smart force control, is used for handling delicate vials.