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Next Generation PATH/TOX SYSTEM™ Goes Live

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Xybion Medical Systems Corporation has announced that one of its clients is the first to complete internal testing of PATH/TOX SYSTEM and has placed the system into production for acute studies – in record time of four months from delivery.

PATH/TOX SYSTEM is a suite of tightly integrated functions that addresses all aspects of preclinical data acquisition, management, and reporting.

Clients have the flexibility to license only those functions and options needed to support their study protocols and processes.

"This is a major milestone achievement and is a great way to cap off a successful and exciting year," said David M. Neglia, Xybion’s Chief Executive Officer, and President.

"We are very pleased with the success our new system has been achieving in the market; as evidenced by the recent addition of three new client companies who rank in the Top 20 in pharmaceutical sales worldwide."

"These clients represent the addition of over nine hundred licensed users and eight new facilities to our user community."