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Nimbus Introduces a High-Throughput RSA TRANSIL® Kit

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Nimbus Biotechnology has announced that it is offering a Rat Serum Albumin TRANSIL® assay. This is in addition to the TRANSIL®  Human Serum Albumin platform for protein binding studies in the drug discovery area.

The proprietary TRANSIL® technology is designed to run fully automated in SBS standardized microtiter plates ("ready to go" plates) on an automated platforms permitting to screen even complete compound libraries.

Nimbus claims that, this bead based technology opens an early, fast and precise access to two significant ADME related parameters, namely the partitioning of a compound between a lipid membrane and an aqueous phase as well as the binding of drugs to serum albumins.

Two assay formats are available, which are configured for the different purposes of measurements and phases of the screening process, in both the 96 and 384 well plate formats.

Wolfgang Lerch, CEO of NIMBUS Biotechnology, stated, "Nimbus Biotechnology has taken a further step in adding another modern tool to the drug discovery process."

"To test drug candidates at an early stage for cost reduction and increased throughput is becoming more important by the day. Today rat is a frequently used animal model in drug development leading to a growing demand of in-vitro rat data already at early stages."

"The TRANSIL®  technology of NIMBUS offers such a solution by making it possible to test thousands of compounds for protein binding using rat serum albumin every day."