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Nunc Introduces NUNC™ CryoTubes®

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Nunc has introduced the NUNC™ CryoTubes®, designed to offer high-density freezer storage, 2D laser-etched bar codes and low binding surfaces for high sample recovery with low concentration samples.

The standard SBS microplate format allows for automated handling and the capping system provides easy access using disposable pipette tips.

The Cryobank vials are designed to store cells and proteins, while Bank-It™ vials are used for DNA. With available working volumes of 0.5 ml and 1.0 ml, the vials are designed for mechanical freezer use or for gas-phase liquid nitrogen storage.

Both tubes are certified as free of DNase/RNase, and are non-toxic. Conforming to IATA requirements for the transport of diagnostic specimens, the vials are CE marked for diagnostic use. Cryobank vials are sterile to 10-6 SAL and are LAL tested to be non-pyrogenic.

Vials can be handled manually and are compatible with automated systems from different suppliers, such as The Automation Partnership (TAP) Solar, Polar and HomeBase systems, plus smaller-scale storage units.

Cryobank and Bank-It™ vials are designed for high-density storage formats, including 169-place freezer containers or in the standard 96-well ANSI footprint.

Samples are identifiable with the 14 x 14 array 2D code etched on each vial, and entire racks can be machine-read in one-step.

The vials snap securely into the rack, preventing them from falling out during manual or automated handling.

An available manual or electric screwdriver is used to open and close the vial caps, enabling one-handed manipulation.