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OHAUS Announces Official Launch of All-New Explorer® Series at Pittcon Conference & Expo

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OHAUS Corporation has announced the official launch of the all-new Explorer series of analytical and precision balances at the Pittcon Conference & Expo taking place in the Orange County Convention Center from March 11th - 15th.

Marking the company’s most advanced new product in more than a decade, the OHAUS Explorer utilizes an application-based software platform in concert with a redesigned antistatic draftshield and modular construction.

Striking a balance between cutting-edge technology and functional design, the Explorer delivers accurate performance to improve lab efficiency.

Utilizing the newly developed SmarText™ 2.0 software platform, the OHAUS Explorer provides easy-to-use graphical software featuring 14 applications (apps).

The OHAUS Explorer delivers accurate results within seconds, improving operator efficiency and productivity. Optimized vibration filtering provides balance stability in unstable environments.

The Explorer’s draftshield provides ample access and visibility to the weighing chamber and features antistatic coated glass. This frameless, flip-top design provides unobstructed access to the weighing chamber.

The expansive side-entry access offers 6.3 x 9.4 in (160mm x 240mm), allowing use of large weigh boats in the weighing chamber.

The antistatic coated glass helps dissipate static charges in the weighing chamber that could adversely affect the weighing results, while the side doors seamlessly glide on top-mounted bearings, helping to prevent any potential bind up when the balance is left unclean.

The glass panels offer ease of installation and removal. In combination with the stainless steel bottom, these features make the Explorer extremely easy to clean.

Also, a draftshield chamber light is available when the balance is used in low-lighting environments.

Explorer features four “touchless” sensors for hands-free operation of print, calibration, tare, and other selectable functions. These sensors provide hands-free operation, while improving weighing efficiency.

At the same time, they eliminate sample residue transfer, minimizing contamination. With two sensors on the base of the balance, and two on the display, they can be set up individually to allow for remote operations.

The Explorer is the industry’s most easy-to-use balance, featuring leveling assistance and instructional messaging for quick out-of-the-box setup and use.

It boasts an easy-to-view illuminated level indicator placed at the front of the balance, as well as adjustable thumbwheels that effortlessly level the balance.

Simultaneously, the level assist screen helps users to quickly identify which thumbwheels need to be adjusted to level the balance.

To enable the user to quickly input GLP, GMP and other application data, the balance provides a virtual QWERTY keyboard and numeric keypad featuring a user Manager that has administrative capability functions.

The color VGA displays each app icon for simple menu navigation in high resolution, across the 5.7 in (145 mm) color TFT screen. The balance boasts a resistive touch-screen display that quickly responds to an operator’s touch or stylus, keying each of the 14 built-in applications with customization capabilities to meet the varying needs in laboratory and industrial settings.

The library feature stores and recalls customized applications, while the alternate RS232 command feature adapts the balance to existing data acquisition software.

External input for zero, tare or print operations can be completed via the external foot switch accessory, and audible and visual feedback for button presses, as well as the indication of the check weighing status.

The Data Transfer Function helps to output data directly into leading software applications, such as Microsoft Excel. Instructional messaging during app use guides users through the weighing process, while the information menu helps users quickly view and learn more about the available balances features. Up to 11 operating languages make the Explorer’s Intuitive User Setup truly universal.

Utilizing the unique calibration feature, AutoCal™, the Explorer’s fully-automatic internal calibration system which assists with routine maintenance by automatically calibrating the balance daily, eliminates the need for external masses.

This feature also eliminates costs associated with maintaining external weights. AutoCal self-calibrates the system when it senses a temperature change sufficient enough to affect weighing accuracy, or every 11 hours.