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Origin Therapeutics Launches To Fund Emerging Psychedelics Companies

Origin Therapeutics Launches To Fund Emerging Psychedelics Companies   content piece image
Credit: Christopher Ott/ Unsplash
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Origin Therapeutics Holdings Inc. (CSE: ORIG Proposed) (the “Company” or “Origin Therapeutics”), an actively managed investment issuer focused on making equity investments in psychedelics-related companies, is pleased to announce its launch.

The Company is focused on providing retail investors with exposure to a portfolio of diverse private companies in the psychedelics sector that they would otherwise be unable to participate in the growth of.

“There is a tremendous amount of innovation taking place in the psychedelics sector,” said Origin Therapeutics CEO Alexander Somjen. “Investors want to get in on it - but for many, it is only possible to access companies that are already publicly traded, which means that a lot of that initial opportunity to participate in the earliest stages of growth has passed.”

Origin Therapeutics plans to invest in a diverse range of psychedelic companies that encompass different areas of growth in the industry. This could include early-stage drug development companies, clinics, and other ancillary companies that help to push the industry forward, such as those companies focused on education, marketing, and building awareness around the psychedelics industry.

“We believe this industry has the potential to revolutionize a crucial area of healthcare,” Somjen said. “There is an increased interest in mental health, and psychedelics are a promising untapped resource that we have just scratched the surface of.”

According to a 2017 report from Our World in Data, around one in seven people globally (11-18%) have one or more mental health or substance use disorders. Data Bridge Market Research estimates that the psychedelics industry will grow to $6.9 billion by 2027.