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Perkinelmer Announces e-Learning Course

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PerkinElmer Inc. has announced the availability of an e-learning course designed to help customers troubleshoot and ensure proper preventive maintenance of the PerkinElmer Optima™ family of Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) instruments. 

The curriculum is the latest addition to PerkinElmer’s 60 plus online courses designed to help advance the pace and precision of scientists’ research and testing through high quality training and education.

"Our online training offerings align with the customer trend toward decentralized, convenient and time-saving education enabling them to better manage training costs," said Gary Grecsek, director of global customer training for PerkinElmer Life and Analytical Sciences.

"Ways to troubleshoot and maximize productivity with Optima instrumentation is high on our customers’ list of requests for new online curriculum," Grecsek added. 

"We’ve responded by tapping the deep expertise of our internal product experts who work with customers every day on ICP challenges to ensure the training is on-target and actionable - and easily accessible online around the globe."

The basic curriculum module focuses on maximizing uptime and includes routine maintenance procedures and lab safety requirements. 

It can serve as an overview of important topics for new users or as a helpful refresher for those who previously attended PerkinElmer’s intensive 5-day ICP classroom training.

Grecsek noted that online learning is a growing trend among customers in the petrochemical, mining, and food and beverage industries, in addition to its extensive use in the pharmaceutical industry.

"Online education is an effective vehicle for a consistently high level of training with documented employee participation," he said.