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PerkinElmer Spectrophotometer Broadens Analytical Capabilities for Material Sciences and Sustainable Energy Markets

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PerkinElmer Life and Analytical Sciences has announced the launch of a new spectrophotometer capable of testing an expanded range of advanced materials, including reflective and anti-reflective coatings, all types of glass from clear to highly absorbing safety glass, and all types of optical filters. The LAMBDA 1050 debuted at SPIE Photonics West, Jan. 19-24, booth #1241, in San Jose, Calif.

“The LAMBDA 1050 will help material scientists in a diverse range of industries to accelerate the development of engineered materials including those designed to improve energy conservation or harness renewable energy sources,” said Richard Begley, President, Analytical Sciences, PerkinElmer, Inc.

He added, “The LAMBDA 1050 will offer scientists the flexibility and control they need to handle even the most demanding samples from the research laboratory to manufacturing validation.”

With its three-detector design, the LAMBDA 1050 has a full scanning range from 175-3,300 nanometers. An InGaAs detector allows for expanded testing in the 800-2,600 nanometer range for sensitivity measurement in the near infrared.

The system claims to be the first commercially available spectrophotometer to include a choice of detector options in a single instrument. High-performance InGaAs integrating spheres and a proprietary universal reflectance accessory provide more accurate measurement and greater flexibility and sensitivity. Twin removable sampling compartments for standard and customized applications give further flexibility to the system.

“With the addition of the LAMBDA 1050, PerkinElmer has expanded its suite of high-performance instruments to support analysis from the deep UV to near IR,” Begley said.

The LAMBDA 1050 is also an addition to the PerkinElmer expanding portfolio of EcoAnalytix offerings addressing the growing needs and concerns for innovative products to enable advances in sustainable energy. Its performance across the entire spectral range benefits several growing markets where environmental pressures demand exacting results:

• Optics and display technologies - can provide higher resolution and sensitivity in the NIR region for all sample types.

• Optical coatings - can afford resolution and sensitivity in the NIR region for broadband and silicon-based anti-reflective coatings and all thin film optical filters.

• Glass - can enable accurate absorbance and transmittance measurements with improved high dynamic range on all types of glass material.

• Electronics and telecom - can offer low-noise measurements on all types of optical filters, including hard-to-measure DWDM filters.

Improvements to the PerkinElmer UVWinLab 6 software include an improved interface, easy access to stored data and a new data viewing module.