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Phenomenex Introduces strata™ X SPE Method Development Kits

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Phenomenex has announced the launch of strata™ X method development kits designed to provide simple and accurate sample preparation and eliminate the guess work that is associated with developing SPE methods.

Each kit includes:

- strata-X: polymeric reversed phase sorbent for polar and non-polar compounds

- strata-X-C: polymeric mixed mode strong cation exchanger sorbent for basic compounds

- strata-X-CW: polymeric mixed mode weak cation exchanger for strong bases

- strata-X-AW: polymeric mixed mode weak anion exchanger for strong acids

- Strata Sample Preparation Method Development Software CD ROM: interactive program that can instantly develop analyte specific methods using strata-X sorbents

Phenomenex claims that, all strata-X polymeric sorbents are de-conditioned resistant and will not lose extraction ability if the sorbent bed runs dry allowing for reproducible extractions and consistent method development. 

All strata-X phases in the kit are available in 3mL tubes, which are compatible with vacuum manifolds and automated liquid handling systems.