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Porvair Launches New Range of Cartridge Filters

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Porvair Filtration Group has announced a new range of cartridge filters optimized for bench top scale-up experiments and pilot plant evaluations to confirm suitability in new process applications.

Leading the range are Fluorofil™ Junior ePTFE membrane cartridges, designed for retrofitting into Junior-style housings to meet the demanding filtration requirements of biopharmaceutical, semiconductor and fine chemical manufacturers.

Offering a wide range of chemical compatibility with high thermal stability they are suitable for most small-scale sterile venting and gas filtration applications, including the filtration of wet gases.

They can also be used for the small-scale fine filtration of aggressive chemical solutions including acids, alkalis, solvents and etchants.

Manufactured using a highly hydrophobic ePTFE membrane - Fluorofil™ Junior cartridges offer exceptionally high gas flow rates at low pressure differentials.

The hydrophobic characteristics of the ePTFE membrane makes the Fluorofil™ Junior filter cartridge particularly suitable for wet gas sterilizing applications.

Constructed with a proprietary multi-layer combination of irrigation mesh, filter membrane, membrane support and drainage material - Fluorofil™ Junior cartridges have the optimal pleat geometry to maximize the available filtration area and to ensure an efficient flow through the cartridges.

An all thermal fusion bonded assembly process eliminates the use of resins and binders.

Manufactured as standard with injection moulded polypropylene inner and outer supports, Fluorofil™ Junior cartridges are designed with the strength necessary to withstand thermal stresses encountered during steam sterilization and subsequent cooling.

They can be steam sterilized and will retain total integrity following steaming at 135°C (275°F). All components used in the construction of Fluorofil™ Junior cartridges are FDA approved to 21CFR.

Fluorofil™ Junior cartridges are also validated for bacterial removal according to HIMA guidelines and ASTM F838-05, with a log reduction value >7.

The cartridges offer validation and retention performance in accordance with the recommendations of the Parenteral Drug Association's Technical Report 40 'Sterilizing Filtration of Gases'.

Manufactured in an ISO accredited cleanroom environment - Fluorofil™ Junior cartridges are available in 2.5 and 5 inches, with a validated microbial rating of 0.2 micron.

They are supplied in two formats: J-style, a single open-ended element with a single internal o-ring seal on the downstream end cap and S-style, a single open-ended element incorporating an integral flange on the downstream end cap.