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Porvair Secures Major Contract for Pipette Tip Filters

Porvair Secures Major Contract for Pipette Tip Filters content piece image
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Porvair Sciences has developed a new range of filters for pipette tips for a leading separation science supplier who was looking to bring control of supply and manufacture of these components in house.

Initially, Porvair Sciences undertook testing to fully characterize (air flow, pore size, material make-up) the outsourced pipette tip filters the customer sought to replace. Then working closely with an injection molding company who were reverse-engineering the pipette tip itself, Porvair Sciences developed a pipette tip filter based upon their proprietary Vyon® porous plastic.

Following a lengthy competitive evaluation of filtered pipette tips from a number of different suppliers, the customer elected to go with Porvair Sciences. This decision has enabled the customer to both improve upon their existing product as well as bringing control of supply and manufacture in house.

Benefitting from Porvair Sciences proprietary Vyon® porous plastics, the pipette tip filters are fully compliant with FDA, USP Class VI and European Pharmacopoeia statutory regulations as well as being free from heavy metals.  The combination of these ultra-clean materials, with porosity properties, was designed to produce a highly reproducible filtered pipette tip with an excellent edge finish that can provide an optimum fit into the pipette tip, enabling labs to routinely achieve quality liquid handling and dispensing.