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Productive Handheld Liquid Handling Tools

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INTEGRA has announced that it will display its range of productive, handheld liquid handling tools at the inaugural European Lab Automation congress to be held in Hamburg (June 30th - July 1st 2011).

The new generation of INTEGRA liquid handling tools uniquely bridge the gap between the power and productivity of automated liquid handlers and the simplicity and ease of use of manual systems.

Visitors to Booth 113 will be able to see the VIAFLO 96 - a 96-channel handheld electronic pipette that enables fast, precise and easy simultaneous transfer of 96 samples. The VIAFLO 96 has been designed to be used just like a standard handheld pipette. Therefore, no special skills or training are required to operate it.

The highly intuitive Touch Wheel™ user interface enables simple and fast programming of a wide range of pipetting modes including repeat dispense, serial dilute and sample dilute. Users will also immediately benefit from the increased productivity delivered by their VIAFLO 96.

Fast replication or reformatting of 96 and 384 well plates and high precision transferring of reagents, compounds and solutions to or from microplates is now as easy as pipetting with a standard electronic pipette into a single tube.

Based upon the same high productivity / easy to use / lower investment concept the INTEGRA VIAFILL bulk reagent dispenser takes the standard dispenser and transforms it into a multipurpose instrument. In addition to the traditional tubing cassettes, you can also use disposable tips and therefore exclude any loss of reagents within the tubing.

With the addition of VIAFILL accessories, the VIAFILL can be integrated with a stacker, be used to wash 96 and 384 well plates and also be used to dispense cells.

Also on display will be INTEGRA's complete range of VIAFLO electronic and manual pipettes plus the recently introduced VACUSIP - an out-of-box vacuum aspiration system for the wide array of liquid waste disposal tasks carried out at the laboratory bench.