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Protedyne Automates Promega P450-Glo Assay Kit

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Protedyne Corporation has announced that it has fully automated Promega's P450-Glo™ assay kits on its BioCube™ System SX1400, providing an automated solution for high-throughput screening of cytochrome P450 activity.

Cytochrome P450 enzymes play a pivotal role in the metabolism of drug compounds.

Detecting adverse compound effects on enzyme activity at an early stage reduces attrition of toxic compounds in later stages of drug development.

The BioCube System configured to run the P450-Glo kits includes a fully enclosed 4-axis robot with interchangeable tools, 20-position work deck, plate gripper SmartTool, 384-channel 20 micro liter SmartTool, 160-plate capacity carousel, tip box storage, and shaker towers.

The system is capable of processing 51,840 samples (135 assay plates in 384 format) during an 8-hour day. An application note on this process is available on Protedyne's website.