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Proteros and UC DDC Establish Collaboration to Offer High-Throughput Screening Services and Access to a 340,000+ Compound Library

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Proteros Biostructures GmbH has announced that it has entered into an agreement with University of Cincinnati, Drug Discovery Center (UC DDC), under which Proteros will provide biotech and pharmaceutical companies with access to UC DDC’s ultra-high-throughput and high-content screening platform coupled with a 340,000-plus library of drug-like compounds. Proteros will be responsible for all the client interactions and project management providing a single point of contact.

Proteros now offers a comprehensive range of services for drug discovery from its own integrated lead discovery platform that includes a 30,000 member proprietary compound and fragment library, innovative kinetic and thermodynamic HTS assay technologies and structure guided medicinal chemistry to a traditional high-throughput screening approach. The structure guided approach is particularly suited to kinase targets, epigenetics targets and protein- protein interactions.

Cony D’Cruz Chief Business Officer and President Proteros US, Inc. stated, “We are very pleased to be able to offer this broad collection of discovery services to meet the diverse target and project needs of our clients. Proteros continues to enhance its service offering to enable our clients to improve the quality and productivity of their discovery efforts.”

“This powerful academic-industry collaboration in translational research combines leading capabilities at the UC DDC with Proteros’ proven technical and commercial expertise in providing discovery services and will continue to expand our base of pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients” said Dr. Ruben Papoian, Director, UC DDC.