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Quotient Clinical Showcases Enabled-First-in-Human® Programs at ASCPT 2016

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As part of the event, Quotient Clinical will be hosting a seminar entitled Accelerating timelines from candidate selection to proof-of-concept with Enabled-FIH programs. This seminar will cover unique and innovative approaches to reaching proof-of-concept (POC), with presentations from Hazel Hunt, VP of Research at Corcept Therapeutics, and Alyson Connor, Executive Director of Exploratory Clinical Pharmacology at Quotient Clinical. The speakers will describe integrated and adaptive clinical protocols which combine healthy volunteer and POC investigations, with case studies to highlight the benefits of using real-time, adaptive GMP manufacturing to adjust drug dose and product composition in response to emerging clinical data.

Alyson Connor commented: “Our Enabled-First-In-Human service is playing a key role in helping our clients to accelerate their early development timelines and achieve significant cost savings. Overall, we believe our service represents an important step forward in solving industry challenges and helping to improve R&D productivity.”