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Radleys Announces a 70 Page Scientific Glassware Catalogue

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Radleys has announced the launch of a 70 page scientific glassware catalogue. The literature is designed to describe Radleys comprehensive range of services that includes glassware design, custom fabrication, prototyping and product development, repairs, amber glassware staining as well as safety coating and pressure / vacuum safety conformity testing.

Safety is an important consideration in the design of laboratory glassware. In addition to ensuring that all specified safety factors have been complied with in full, all Radleys glassware is annealed and assured stress-free before leaving the factory.

With experience of a wealth of industries and applications Radleys is used to working to the precise specifications.

Throughout the glassblowing process constant checks are made on tolerances, seals, joint sizes, wall thickness and imperfections to ensure that you receive consistent top quality glassware.

Access to a large team of scientific glassblowers gives Radleys the capacity to deal with even the urgent glassblowing projects or repair.