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Rare and Orphan Disease Expert Terebellum Launches Market Access Guide

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Credit: Steve Buissinne, Pixabay
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Terebellum, subsidiary of global specialty pharmacy and healthcare solutions organization AscellaHealth, is launching a strategic guide to help manufacturers bring rare disease products to market.


The market access guide is being launched to mark Rare Disease Day (Tuesday 28th February) when it will be available to download from the Terebellum website.


Terebellum – which provides innovative, cost-saving business consulting solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturers and healthcare organizations – will share tips on how industry stakeholders can create an effective market access strategy, giving their treatment the best chance of success in a competitive sector.


Features will include why a market access strategy is important and how to develop one effectively, how to build product value, as well as insight into best practices for identifying population size and determining pricing. Readers can also learn which external partners to approach and what specialist knowledge they can acquire to bolster their own teams.


Craig Caceci, Terebellum’s managing director states: “Bringing any product to market, particularly those used to treat rare and orphan diseases is a challenge enough. But given low patient prevalence, lack of understanding about these diseases and tight budgets, there’s no guarantee your product - however needed it is - will make it to market.


“We understand that companies are up against treatments for a whole range of diseases, all competing for the same budget or funding. However our new guide explains steps you can take to give yourself the best chance - especially when having a patient for the drug doesn’t necessarily guarantee that your product will enter the market and be paid for.”


Terebellum is the Ireland and UK-based subsidiary of global specialty pharmacy and healthcare services provider, AscellaHealth, dedicated to advancing life sciences throughout Europe.


Its consultancy services include strategic guidance in the pre-commercialization stage plus administrative and financial services, supply chain logistics and group purchasing services.


Terebellum has recently launched its monthly Specialty Pharmaceutical Pulse™ insights bulletin in the UK. It includes clinical content and updates on drug launches, the latest industry information on specialty pharmacy and treatment for rare diseases, as well as patient advocacy efforts.