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SEKISUI XenoTech Announces Expanded Consultation For Drug Developers

SEKISUI XenoTech Announces Expanded Consultation For Drug Developers content piece image
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SEKISUI XenoTech has announced the opportunity for clients to work with top-tier consultants to analyze critical components of absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (ADME) of their drug candidate to optimize the data package for regulatory submission.

Larry Wienkers, Ph.D., of Wienkers Consulting, LLC stated “The journey of a drug’s development is like a well-told story—you use elemental components of biology and chemistry to establish the pharmacological underpinnings of a molecule’s journey within a patient. Gathering the data for a submission is telling that story; it is very important not to miss any pieces”. When a drug is being developed, it goes through a very rigorous battery of safety assessments to prove it poses minimal risks to participants in clinical trials. Approval is only granted when exhaustive information is presented to detail parameters such as pharmacology, toxicology, and ADME.

With an emphasis on cultivating expertise in ADME, SEKISUI XenoTech has assembled a lineup of consultants who can equip our clients with highly specialized insight borne of years of experience in the industry and extensive scholarship. The consulting team is being led by Brian Ogilvie, Ph.D., who serves as SEKISUI XenoTech’s Vice President of Scientific Consulting and has over 20 years of experience at the company.