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seqWell Launches First Assay-Ready, 384-Well Library Preparation Kit

Double helix structure of DNA.
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seqWell, announced the launch of their new ExpressPlex HT Library Preparation Kit (ExpressPlex HT), the first commercially available next-generation sequencing (NGS) library preparation kit containing all the required reagents and indices to enable multiplexing up to 6,144 samples in a pre-plated in 384-well format. ExpressPlex HT uses a 90-minute workflow in a single mastermix reaction to streamline NGS library preparation through massive multiplexing, thereby enabling lower cost, high throughput sequencing of plasmids, amplicons and other synthetic constructs used in synthetic biology. 


“ExpressPlex HT was a natural step in broadening our portfolio of scalable, multiplex library preparation solutions,” said Jack Leonard, Chief Technology Officer at seqWell. “We took a holistic view of our customers’ workflows to address challenges across their ultra-high throughput plasmid sequencing processes including reagent dispensing and inventory management. Sample-specific barcoding and library amplification both take place in a single reaction step. ExpressPlex HT has brought significant improvements in workflow efficiency to our early access customers.”

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Key features of ExpressPlex HT that bring a new level of scale and productivity to plasmid and amplicon NGS: 


  • Only commercially available, ready-to-use 384-well library preparation solution. Reagents and indices are supplied in a pre-plated, 384-well format eliminating the need for reagent dispensing and the complex supply chain management of barcodes and primers.  

  • Streamlined, ultra-high throughput and automated workflow. Massive multiplexing using 6,144 indices and a fully automated, 90-minute library preparation workflow enable 24-hour sample-to-answer turnaround for greater than 6,000 samples. 


  • Lower environmental impact. ExpressPlex HT’s pre-plated reagents, workflow simplicity, and massive multiplexing require less than 10% of the tips and plastics required for other commonly used high throughput library prep kits, providing large savings in consumable budget and up to a 90% reduction in consumables waste.


“High-throughput synthetic biology increasingly relies on repeated cycles of DBTL – design, build, test and learn – where sequencing often plays a crucial role,” said Joe Mellor, Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at seqWell. “Today’s synthetic biology experiments frequently involve thousands of nucleic acid-based synthetic samples such as plasmids and amplicons, and the difficulty of streamlining NGS library preparation and sequencing for these samples is a bottleneck. ExpressPlex HT can alleviate that bottleneck and more efficiently develop actionable insights from ultra-high throughput experiments and production-scale sequencing of synthetic constructs.”