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Sigma Introduces QuantiGene® 2.0 RNA Quantification System

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Sigma, a division of Sigma-Aldrich has introduced the QuantiGene® 2.0 RNA Quantification System.

The technology is comprised of an assay kit and probe set that detect gene expression knockdown, providing an approach for RNA quantification.

"QuantiGene® 2.0 contributes to biological drug discovery as an optimal system for high-throughput screening," said Keith Jolliff, Director of Strategic Marketing.

"The assay avoids the variation errors commonly seen when extracting and amplifying target sequences, enabling pharmaceutical and academic researchers to maximize efficiency. Sigma is committed to serving the genomics research community with best-in-class technologies," Jollif added.

The QuantiGene® 2.0 RNA Quantification System has been used to quantitate gene expression in a variety of life science applications, including predictive toxicology, microarray validation, and RNAi knockdown. Sigma provides a full range of RNA interference research tools, from gene silencing to validation.

The MISSION® RNAi product line offers numerous options for gene knockdown including custom siRNA, siRNA panels and various shRNA formats. Gene knockdown can then be confirmed by QuantiGene 2.0 system's unique approach to RNA detection and quantification.