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Sigma Introduces the MyriaScreen Diversity Collection

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Sigma-Aldrich has announced the availability of the MyriaScreen Diversity Collection of drug-like screening compounds.

The collection, produced in collaboration with TimTec Inc., is the result of careful evaluation, filtering, and refinement of selections from each of Sigma’s screening compound collections.

The MyriaScreen Diversity Collection is comprised of 10,000 high-purity screening compounds handpicked to maximize chemical diversity while maintaining drug-likeness.

The MyriaScreen Diversity Collection was assembled from a pool of over 300,000 screening compounds using a combination of filters, diversity predictors, and manual selection.

The resulting 10,000 compounds are drug-like, chemically diverse, and amenable to follow-up chemistry and optimization.

The collection is well suited for researchers that are looking for a small, cost-effective, ready-to-screen set of high-quality screening compounds.

“MyriaScreen will complement our customers' existing screening collections and jump-start new collections by quickly adding interesting chemotypes,” said Michael Earley, Product Manager, Drug Discovery, Sigma-Aldrich.

“Our collaboration with TimTec, Inc. resulted in a high-quality library that our customers will find useful.”