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Small-volume UV-VIS Spectrophotometer for Life Science Applications

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The BioSpec-nano only requires 1 μL (path length: 0.2mm) or 2 μL (path length: 0.7mm) of sample, which is pipette onto the measurement plate. For ultra-small sample volumes no standard rectangular cell is needed although for applications that are not volume-limited, an optional rectangular cell adapter is available.

With the most automatic functionality available on the market, sample mounting, measurement and cleaning are conducted by the instrument.  The operators need not perform tedious, repetitive, and inconsistent placement of  the fiber optic element and manual cleaning required in other instruments. Sample measurement time is 3 seconds.

Dedicated software allows simple and quick operation of the BioSpec-nano. The start, exchange wiper, list, detail, save CSV/PDF and display PDF operations are displayed on the toolbar according to the user’s procedure and available with the click of a button.

The BioSpec-nano is an ideal instrument for research in genomics, molecular biology, agriculture, medical science, and food quality.