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Solvias to Introduce High Throughput Catalysis Screening Services

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Solvias has launched its first full-scale HTS Screening Service for asymmetric homogeneous hydrogenation.

The fully automated system utilizes standard 96-well plates combined with analysis by Supercritical Fluid Chromatography SFC, HPLC, and GC.

Solvias claims that, this system will guarantee rapid screening of ligands, metals, additives and reaction conditions in up to 200 experiments per day.

The instrument is designed to handle all industrially relevant conditions including pressures up to 100 bar (1400psi).

The fully integrated solution is based on high-throughput instrumentation from Symyx Technologies, Inc. and has been specially adapted for Solvias Homogeneous Catalysis Services.

The customers will benefit from the rapid identification of optimum reaction conditions resulting from the screening of over 700 chiral ligands.

These include Solvias proprietary ligands (over 60%) as well as patent-free and other proprietaryligands (40%).

Due to the low reaction volumes used by the system, extended screenings for process optimization can now be performed using very small amounts of starting material (as little as 5g) and can typically be completed in 5-8 working days.

Due to the modularity of Solvias Chiral Ligands, the system is able to access rapid ligand tuning from screening hits.

The Solvias HTS Screening Services are not limited to catalytic hydrogenation. The system also has the capability to handle carbon monoxide.

This feature will permit Solvias to expand it services to include Carbonylation and Hydro-formylation screening. Solvias expects to offer its first screening services for carbonylation chemistry by Q4, 2006.