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SP Acquires Stability Environments

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SP Industries, Inc. (SP) has announced that it has acquired privately held Stability Environments, Inc. a global provider of Walk-in Environmental Rooms, Glassware Dryers, Chambers and accessory products.

“Stability Environments has a well-earned reputation for producing high quality, often customized equipment and chambers supported by a knowledgeable manufacturing team” stated SP Industries CEO Bill Downs.

“Their product portfolio serves a diverse range of end user market segments including pharmaceutical, scientific, industrial and healthcare and is complementary to the current SP Scientific portfolio of concentrators, freeze dryers and thermal equipment. The SP Scientific family of brands is widely used in these markets, making Stability Environments an even more attractive tuck-in acquisition and excellent opportunity to continue to build on our success and bring increased value to our customers.”

Downs continued by saying, “We have moved all Stability Environments manufacturing from Glenside, PA to our Warminster, PA facility. Key manufacturing, engineering and service personnel have joined the SP team and Jay Silverman who had served as President of Stability Environments has been retained as a consultant assuring continuity in operations and quality.”