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Sygnature Acquires Alderley Oncology to Strengthen Oncology Drug Testing Capabilities

Sygnature Acquires Alderley Oncology to Strengthen Oncology Drug Testing Capabilities content piece image
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Sygnature Discovery, an independent integrated drug discovery and pre-clinical services company, has further strengthened its oncology and immuno-oncology capabilities with the acquisition of Alderley Oncology, a focused in vivo pharmacology service provider which undertakes high quality in vivo services for biotechs, pharmaceutical companies and academics. Until the acquisition, Alderley Oncology was run by Bruntwood SciTech, owners of Alderley Park. The value of the deal has not been disclosed.

The Cheshire-based team offers a variety of in vivo services for cancer drug discovery. The acquisition will add significant in-house expertise at Sygnature in the design, conduct and interpretation of pivotal oncology in vivo pharmacology experiments that help identify promising pre-clinical candidates. These assessments also help define the path to the clinic and identify the anticipated patient populations who might best respond to treatment.

“We are pleased to welcome Jane and her colleagues to Sygnature Discovery,” says Dr Stuart Onions, Director of Research Management at Sygnature. “The team’s expertise in oncology and immuno-oncology in vivo models will significantly enhance our integrated oncology provision, delivering further value to our integrated projects for clients and, importantly, allow us to more efficiently and effectively deliver potential new therapeutics into pre-clinic development.”