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Synexus Support Vaccines Trials with Dedicated Team

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Synexus has created a specialist vaccines team to help pharma and biotech companies find the thousands of patients they need for their late phase trials. The company has a well-established reputation for delivering results in the vaccine field following successes in late phase vaccine trials including most recently, studies for cancer prevention, influenza and rotavirus where it has delivered in excess of three thousand randomized patients in all three areas.

These studies required the enrolment of patients ranging from paediatric to the elderly and also called for the long term follow up of patients which was also successfully carried out by Synexus.

Research and development for new vaccinations has been undergoing a period of dynamic growth, with the past few years being the most productive in the history of vaccine development.

According to Synexus Chief Executive, Dr Christophe Berthoux, Synexus offers clear benefits when it comes to helping deliver successful vaccine studies: “In today’s clinical trials environment it’s not easy to deliver large numbers of healthy trial participants in a short space of time. The Synexus model overcomes these problems. We can recruit hundreds of patients at each of our 26 Dedicated Research Centres, quickly and cost effectively.

Sponsors are recognizing this and returning to us with new studies where they know our model will deliver for them. The idea behind our new vaccines team is to start working with study sponsors at the very early stages of their planning, to help them identify their study population needs more precisely and then to work with them to identify the best countries and sites to include in their study.”