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Syrris Custom Reactors - Built for Users

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Syrris is a world leader in modular laboratory scale chemistry systems - including the flexible Atlas and Globe ranges - and also offers a bespoke reactor design service to meet the most specialized requirements.

Syrris Custom Reactor Systems are ideally suited to processes requiring large reactor vessels, elevated pressures or high temperatures, automated operation and the option of full data logging.

Using many years of expertise in reactor design, Syrris chemists and engineers will work with users to design an adaptable, high quality solution to meet their needs.

Recent examples include a 20 liter automated synthesis system for the defense industry - incorporating high torque stirring, volumetric liquid addition and temperature logging - and a polymerization reactor capable of operating at pressures up to 60 bar and temperatures of 350 oC, as well as a 100 liter single jacketed reactor system, built for Zirkon Industria e Comercio Ltda in Brazil.

Valter Russo, director of Zirkon’s R&D department, explained: “The results obtained from our pilot-scale reactor are fundamental to performing the technological transfer of the procedures to the production plant, and the 100 liter reactor allows these studies to be rapidly and easily performed. The system is well designed - with functional, efficient and easy to use software - and we are now considering purchasing an Asia flow system to complement our existing Syrris equipment.”