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Syrris Offers Fully Automated Pressure Reactors

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The Atlas Potassium Pressure System, a modular 3 bar pressure reactor from Syrris that can be controlled manually or automatically, has been designed specifically for high vacuum processes and applications requiring elevated pressures such as hydrogenations and carbonylations.

Atlas Potassium Pressure is an intuitive, easy-to-use system available as single or vacuum jacketed reactors in a wide range of volumes - 100, 250 and 500 ml, 1, 2 and 3l - with an oil drain unit, jacketed vessel clamp and quick oil connectors to enable rapid exchange in less than a minute; no tools are required.

Its large display and ‘twist and click’ control knob allow straightforward manual programming of automated profiles for reaction temperatures between -80 and +200 °C and stirrer speeds up to 2,000rpm, as well as reagent addition and sampling.

Data is logged to a .csv file, and can be downloaded to a USB stick automatically. To ensure safe operation, Atlas Potassium Pressure complies with PED/ASME design codes, incorporating a burst disc, a pressure relief valve and a safety enclosure.

For more advanced operation, Atlas Potassium Pressure can be upgraded to include the optional Gas Selection Module, 3 Bar Pressure Control Module, gas flow meters and controllers, as well as complete PC software control, enabling full automation of all reaction parameters, alarms and real-time graphs.