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Syrris Provides Complete Customization Capabilities

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Syrris offers users the ability to develop a completely customized laboratory reactor system. Ranging from 10 ml to 250 L, custom reactors are designed and built by Syrris to the users specifications.

Complete systems can include reactors, stirrers, circulators, temperature probes, pumps, balances, sensors, etc. and be integrated with pH and/or liquid control. With manual operation or complete automation via the Atlas PC software, Syrris’ custom reactor service will provide an adaptable solution for any chemistry laboratory.

A selection of recently developed and installed systems include: a high pressure (200 bar) and high temperature (500 °C) continuous flow reactor; an automated 100 L single jacketed glass reaction system (-20 °C to +200 °C) with temperature dependent gravimetric dosing; and a 1.5 L high pressure (60 bar) and high temperature (350 °C) calorimetry system. The custom design of these systems has involved the incorporation of devices from fully automated gas and liquid feeds to support four integrated optical UV probes to custom-made pH probes and high torque overhead stirrers.

Each customized system is comprised of highly flexible, modular apparatus, coupled with easy-to-use software and an intuitive graphical interface. Automated data-logging allows responses such as temperature, stirrer-speed and pH for example, to be monitored and logged to one csv file.