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Syrris Provides the Ultimate Starter Flow Chemistry System

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Leading chemistry automation product innovator, Syrris offers the Asia range of flow chemistry systems for performing a wide variety of chemical reactions.

The portfolio includes the Asia 110 system, ideal for customers who demand high quality but have limited budgets. The Asia 110 is an excellent value, easy to use system that is ideal for beginners in solution phase flow chemistry.

This very compact system combines the high performance of an Asia Pump, an Asia Chip Climate Controller, a glass microreactor ("chip") and an Asia Pressure Controller.

The Asia Pump is extremely chemically resistant and designed specifically for flow chemistry. It has two continuous pumps for delivering smooth flow from 1µL/min to 10mL/min.

The pump has an integrated Pressure Sensor which allows it to automatically stop in the case of a blockages or leak.

The Asia 110 system includes one or many glass microreactors that offer excellent mixing, easy visualization of the reaction and maximum chemical resistance.

The Asia Chip Climate Controller enables the microreactors to be heated from -15 to +150 ºC without the need for a circulator or a cold water supply.

The Asia Pressure controller enables ultra fast reaction rates; the pressure controller automatically regulates a laboratory gas supply to pressurize the reaction up to 20 bar.

The Asia modular flow chemistry systems

The Asia 110 System can be upgraded to include automated collection, use of solid phase reagents, temperatures up to 250 ºC, kg synthesis, analysis integration, flow liquid-liquid extraction and full software control.