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Taking Tandem Quadrupole MS to a Higher

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Waters has introduced a new mass spectrometer at ASMS, June 5 - 9, in San Antonio, TX. Waters' Quattro Premier mass spectrometer, the Micromass® Quattro Premier XE, comes with features that enhance the detection of negative ions increasing the sensitivity and accuracy of LC/MS quantification.

The Quattro Premier XE mass spectrometer is a compact, bench-top, tandem quadrupole mass spectrometer with a mass range of 2– 3,000 amu configured for atmospheric pressure ionization LC-MS/MS. The Quattro Premier XE mass spectrometer features the WHISPER™ dynolite photomultiplier detector that reduces detector noise for both positive and negative ion modes, and improved sensitivity in negative ion mode.

Primary applications include bioanalyses, ADME screening during drug discovery and development, food safety, environmental monitoring, and clinical analyses.