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TALLC Granted UK Patent for SmartCelle Ocular Drug Delivery Technology

TALLC Granted UK Patent for SmartCelle Ocular Drug Delivery Technology content piece image
Credit: Mari Lezhava/Unsplash
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TALLC Corporation Inc. (TALLC) a pharmaceutical company using proprietary new molecular entities to treat acute and chronic inflammation, has announced that the United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has granted TALLC patent GB2561009 entitled "Non-ionic Block Copolymers and Pharmaceutical Compositions Derived Therefrom" the first in a series of SmartCelle smart micelle patents covering this novel nanotechnology. GB2561009 covers the chemical composition of SmartCelle polymers, their method of manufacture and their ability to form 20nm-30nm stable drug-loaded dynamic micelles in aqueous solution. SmartCelle formulations comprising a number of anti-inflammatory drugs are presented.

"This first SmartCelle patent is an invaluable addition to our growing patent portfolio and we expect it to issue in N. America shortly" said Damon Smith CEO of TALLC. "SmartCelle is an enabling technology for delivery of highly insoluble molecules and designed to provide improved corneal and back-of-eye access for TA-A001 and our range drug candidates after topical administration". Dr. Smith added "Chronic inflammation underlies many of the painful and sight-threatening conditions seen in increasing numbers by ophthalmologists today. We believe that our full CB2 agonist TA-A001, enabled by SmartCelle technology, can improve the lives of patients suffering these debilitating diseases".