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The New Gold Standard Microplate Reader for High Throughput Screening BMG LABTECH Introduces its New Product PHERAstar® FSX at SLAS 2016

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The latest evolution in microplate reader instrumentation combines the best sensitivity on the market, highest speed and unmatched flexibility in plate formats up to 3456 wells. Visit booth #915 from January 23rd-27th to see German engineering at its best. 

The ultimate microplate reader for HTS applications

Built upon the successful PHERAstar® FS platform, the PHERAstar® FSX has improved features that make it superior to any other microplate reader currently on the market. The reader performs all leading non-isotopic detection technologies with ease and speed. Unmatched sensitivity and speed in Fluorescence Intensity (FI) and Fluorescence Polarization (FP) makes the PHERAstar® FSX the most sensitive reader today. Moreover, the reader offers an ultrahigh dynamic range in Luminescence enabling a higher flexibility and more precise measurement results. 


Simultaneous Dual Emission detection for Alpha Technology

In order to maximize efficiency, screening facilities must constantly strive to increase throughput and minimize sample expenditure, while controlling costs. To meet these requirements BMG LABTECH pioneered the technique of Simultaneous Dual Emission detection for microplate readers within the last years. The PHERAstar® FSX now implemented Simultaneous Dual Emission detection for AlphaPlexTM increasing throughput significantly by cutting read times in a half.   

Next generation TRF Laser

The outstanding sensitivity of the PHERAstar® FSX is based on an innovative optical design including three independent light sources. To ensure best performance for any assay the PHERAstar® FSX comes with the next generation laser for TRF/TR-FRET. The new TRF laser accomplishes up to 60 flashes per second which increase throughput and precision of measurement in all plate formats.

For HTS automation purposes, the PHERAstar® FSX offers improved robotic integration capabilities, multi-user control and MARS data analysis software with included digital signature and FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliance, and can be equipped with BMG LABTECH's Stacker.

BMG LABTECH tutorial presents class leading technology  

Besides exhibiting at SLAS, BMG LABTECH will host a 45 minute tutorial held by Associate Professor Pfleger from The University of Western Australia/Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research. Professor Pfleger will present the research results performed of an international team which has for the first time demonstrated the principle of real time ligand binding to G Protein-Coupled Receptors (GPCRs), using Bioluminescence Resonance Energy Transfer (BRET). The BRET technique was shown to be a valuable alternative to radio ligand binding experiments and to extend researchers’ capability to allow assessment of real time binding kinetics in live cells. This research further extends the established capability of BRET to monitor protein-protein interactions to real time measurements in live cells, enhancing biologists’ and pharmacologists’ insights into real time cellular processes. Tutorial’s final time and place will be published on www.slas2016.org soon.