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The World of Microplate Reading at Users Fingertips!

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At BMG LABTECH, our highest goal is to provide our customers with the latest innovations in microplate reader technology and the best service and support possible. In order to better serve our customers, we have recently added social media to our extensive service and support network.

This way, we can provide information whenever and wherever users need giving them the opportunity to communicate with us in the manner that best suits their needs.

Innovations in Microplate Reading Blog: Read about our microplate readers, frequently asked questions from our customers, applications information and much more (http://microplate-readers.blogspot.com/).

You Tube Channel: Watch videos on the latest innovations in microplate reading technology; find out more about microplate reader, testimonials and our Video Training Series with helpful tutorials about our plate readers (http://www.youtube.com/bmglabtech).

Twitter @platereaders: Get the latest news and information about products, promotions and more (http://twitter.com/#!/platereaders).

Facebook: Check out our workshops, events, and helpful hints on how to get the most out of users microplate reader (http://www.facebook.com/microplatereaders).

LinkedIn: Find out more about the company and what we have to offer as well as the latest news and events (http://www.linkedin.com/company/bmg-labtech).

Inside Applications Newsletter: A monthly newsletter giving the latest information regarding applications and which microplate readers best fit users assay needs (http://www.bmglabtech.com/news/inside-applications.cfm).

Mobile Website: A mobile-friendly version of the key features of our website including information on our full range of microplate readers as well as the latest news, application notes, contact information, our video library and much more. (http://www.bmglabtech.com/mobile).