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Thermo Fisher Scientific Offers PCR Buffer to Eliminate Post-Amplification Steps

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Thermo Fisher Scientific has developed a PCR buffer that enables samples to be loaded directly onto an agarose gel after thermal cycling, thus reducing the number of pipetting and reagent handling steps in PCR testing protocols.

The Thermo Scientific ReddyMix™ PCR Buffer is formulated with a red tracker dye and precipitant in the reaction buffer. Utilisation of mixes containing this buffer allows laboratories to avoid having to buy and utilise separate loading dyes when loading PCR products on to agarose gels for electrophoresis and subsequent visualisation.

The red dye in ReddyMix migrates between bromophenol blue and xylene cyanol at approximately 300bp, depending on the agarose concentration. Since the additives are contained in the reaction buffer rather than in the enzyme preparation, the red dye and precipitant are present at optimal concentrations in the final mix.

This contrasts favourably with products that contain dye and precipitant in the enzyme formulation, as these tend to sink slowly and erratically into test plate wells, producing dye fronts that are hard to see.

According to Thermo Scientific, by reducing pipetting and reagent handling steps in the PCR process, use of ReddyMix reduces contamination risks and enhances testing reproducibility. This means that standard tests can be set up for purposes such as screening or teaching, enabling users to be confident that results will be consistent every time.

The company claims that the ReddyMix has no adverse effect on the outcome of PCR, and yields are exactly the same as would be achieved with standard polymerase products. Use of the product does not interfere with downstream applications.

ReddyMix is available across the whole of Thermo Scientific’s PCR reagent range.