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Thermo Fisher Scientific Simplifies UV-Vis Spectroscopy and QA/QC Processes with Launch of its Evolution 200 Series

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Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. has announced the launch of its Evolution 200 series of next-generation UV-Visible spectrophotometers featuring new INSIGHT software with CUE (Customized User Environment) scripting capabilities. The series includes three instruments which satisfy specific applications from standard quantitative analysis to research life science assays.

Designed for routine QA/QC analyses in the life science, food and beverage and material science industries as well as offering fast data collection rates for kinetics measurements (up to 100 data points/sec), the instruments combine high performance and straightforward software, enabling personalized operation.

The Thermo Scientific Evolution 200 instruments feature high quality accessories and application specific technology to meet a wide range of sampling needs. Smart accessories enable sample handling with automated software recognition and programmable control. Adding temperature control and fiber optic accessories can increase the instrument's productivity and extend sampling options.

In addition, the Evolution 220 and Evolution 260 Bio feature Application Focused Beam Geometry (AFBG) technology that tailors the instrument's optical system to specific applications for microcells, solid sampling and fiber optics. The Evolution 260 Bio includes enhanced Thermo Scientific INSIGHT life science software designed specifically for the needs of life science laboratories, offering pre-programmed assay methods.

Next-generation INSIGHT software has been designed to improve the user experience by simplifying method creation and results interpretation. The software's data browser feature allows users to preview a thumbnail of results before opening the file and to sort by workbook type, file name and date for greater convenience. In addition, the workbook format helps organize data, method and accessory options by saving them all in one place.

The workbook can be reopened to continue capturing data using the same instrument configuration. INSIGHT software also includes CUE scripting capabilities, which enables the user to create a completely customized interface and simplified workflow. CUE works with INSIGHT to display only the most relevant information for the given application, to help improve reproducibility and throughput in the laboratory.

The Evolution 200 series instruments are available in both local and computer controlled configurations. A locally controlled instrument with an embedded computer can be used to drive the new INSIGHT software package using touch screen technology. This ergonomic option allows users to perform all software functions using an embedded computer, saving bench space while allowing sophisticated analysis and data reporting. Both local and computer controlled configurations can be run externally using the same INSIGHT software.