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Thermo Fisher Scientific Streamlines Microplate Tracking

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Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., has announced its new Thermo Scientific Nunc barcode configurator, an online tool that provides an easy, convenient way to design and order custom barcoded Nunc plates online.

With the ability to specify the number of digits, code type, prefixes or suffixes and label location via a simple step-by-step user interface at www.thermoscientific.com/barcodeconfigurator, visitors to the site can build a barcoding label scheme to best suit their application needs.

Users of the barcode configurator will benefit from faster turnaround time and the assurance of no repeats. Upon visiting the site, users are asked to select plate attributes, such well number, well geometry and irradiation.

After selecting the desired quantity, users can choose from numeric or alphanumeric barcoding, with the optional of adding human readable print and color blocking.

All codes can also be prefixed and/or suffixed with a sequence of characters for easy identification of plate types. Finally, users can specify the label location and properties of the finished surface.

As a key component for the safe tracking of valuable samples, barcodes are integral for managing large quantities of data and establishing historical identification of plate contents at any point in time.

The Thermo Scientific Nunc barcode labels are extremely durable to ensure reliable, consistent, long-term scanning.