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Thermo Fisher Scientific's Cold Storage Solutions

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Thermo Scientific cold storage equipment is purpose-built to store samples such as reagents, enzymes, proteins and cells. Advanced features ensure sample integrity and viability, providing researchers and clinicians alike with confidence in the security and stability of their samples.

Factors that might affect sample temperature stability have been extensively considered and addressed in the Revco® line of Thermo Scientific cold storage equipment, which is built to meet global standards including UL, CE and CUL. All models demonstrate precise temperature control, which is enabled by microprocessor controls featuring audio and visual alarms and set-point locks. Furthermore, all solutions are environmentally responsible, with CFC-free insulation; refrigeration features such as mercury-free LED interior lighting and the low operating costs and power use that result from minimal ambient temperature fluctuations.

Visitors to Analytica will be able to view:

• The Thermo Scientific Revco PLUS HD ultra-low temperature upright freezer featuring innovative thin-wall insulation (HD) technology. The 32 cu. ft. model is the world’s largest ultra-low temperature upright freezer, offering a substantial capacity of 70,000 samples in the same footprint as a conventional 25 cu. ft. freezer. In addition, a unique refrigeration system and a robust electronics platform provide energy efficiency, temperature stability and fast recovery times across the entire range, ensuring the highest possible sample integrity.
• The Thermo Scientific Revco high-performance laboratory refrigerator models, unlike household or commercial products, are specially designed to store high-value critical samples such as vaccines. To accommodate multiple inventory access, common within a clinical or pharmacy setting, powerful industrial-strength compressors ensure rapid and dependable cooling. Multi-pane safety glass doors allow the user to locate the required vaccine or clinical sample before the door is opened, and where sample security is essential, doors can be locked