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Thermo Unveils Instrument Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Laboratory at AAPS 2006

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Thermo Electron Corporation has announced that it will be displaying its product portfolio on Thermo’s booth #307 at the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) Exhibition, Henry B Gonzalez Convention Center, Houston Texas, October 29 - November 2 2006.

Thermo provides essential compound identification and analysis tools in the pharmaceutical lab from research to product launch and production.


Thermo will be showcasing its product line including the recently launched Accela™ chromatographic system which is capable of optimizing 1.9 µM column particle technology and chromatographic separations from conventional to ultra high pressures of up to 15,000 psi.

The Accela also features a quaternary pump with the lowest dead volume (65 µL) in the industry.

Near Infrared (NIR) Analysis

Also on booth will be Thermo’s additions to its portfolio of Antaris™ near infrared (NIR) Analyzers.

The Antaris™ Target Series NIR analyzer is the solution available for the real time analysis of pharmaceutical blending processes while Thermo’s Antaris™ II analyzer extends the offering to process applications


Additionally, Thermo’s Evolution™ 300 UV-Vis spectrophotometer will be displayed on booth #307, offering automated calibration and validation and validated tablet dissolution.

FT-IR and Raman

Thermo’s Nicolet™ 380 spectrometer configured with Thermo’s Smart Orbit Accessory enables hard, abrasive and caustic materials to be analyzed efficiently while also featuring a wide spectral range and good depth of penetration.

Thermo will also be displaying the interactive web tool that allows current and prospective customers to build an FT-IR spectrometer to their specific application requirements prior to purchasing.

Moreover, the company will be demonstrating its Nicolet Almega XR Dispersive Raman spectrometer which utilizes high throughput crystallization to characterize polymorphs.

Mass Spectrometry

Also previewing at AAPS 2006 is Thermo’s TSQ Quantum Ultra™ with FAIMS, enabling sensitivity for bioanalysis.

The TSQ Quantum Ultra with FAIMS, H-SRM, LCQUAN™ 2.5, and Watson LIMS provides a complete solution for pharmaceutical bioanalysis from a single vendor.

Thermo’s smallest single quadrupole LC/MS detector available for HPLC, Surveyor™ MSQ Plus, will also be on booth.

Guaranteeing sharp peak shapes, high peak capacities and sensitivity, Thermo’s extensive range of Columns will also be showcased on booth.