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Transgenomic Launches Next Generation SURVEYOR® Mutation Detection Kits for Fluorescent Capillary Electrophoresis

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Transgenomic, Inc. announced that it is launching its next generation SURVEYOR Mutation Detection Kits for universal primer fluorescent capillary electrophoresis.

The kits are designed to detect mismatch mutations in DNA that has been PCR amplified using two fluorescent primers and digested with SURVEYOR Nuclease. This then can allow mutation detection on Applied Biosystems DNA sequencing instruments.

The company claims that, it will be a key tool for scientists needing high-throughput analysis of genetic variation, even for those variations present at very low levels such as somatic mutations linked to cancer and its treatment.

Introduced by Transgenomic in 2004, SURVEYOR Nuclease is a proprietary mismatch-specific endonuclease that can detect any mismatches in double-stranded DNA and cleaves at the site of DNA mutations. It can identify base substitutions, insertions and deletions and can detect multiple mutations in a single fragment, in individual or even pooled PCR samples.

In announcing the product launch, Craig Tuttle, Transgenomic, Inc. CEO, commented that, "We are excited to extend the SURVEYOR Mutation Detection Kit product line and provide such an important research tool to detect mutations that sequencing cannot find, or finds difficult to reveal.”SURVEYOR also saves researchers time and money with its increased precision.”

“SURVEYOR Endonuclease is an important expansion of Transgenomic's mutation detection product portfolio which is exemplified by our WAVE® System platforms and our emerging CLIA and GLP Clinical Reference Laboratory and Genomic Analysis and Research Services," said Tuttle.