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Trialbee and uMotif Simplify and Expand Patient Access to Global Clinical Trials

Trialbee and uMotif Simplify and Expand Patient Access to Global Clinical Trials content piece image
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The increasing need for speed and efficiency in clinical research has created more urgency to streamline and simplify the patient journey. Trialbee, a patient matching and enrolment platform, and uMotif, a patient-centric data capture provider, are partnering to improve the patient experience and improve trial accessibility globally.

The new partnership streamlines the end-to-end patient journey through a lightweight, data-driven solution that removes the need for multiple apps or systems. The companies’ integrated platforms simplify trial activities from initial awareness through enrollment and data collection during study conduct and close-out, optimising the patient experience to achieve greater compliance for protocol requirements and increased retention. 

“Technology is changing the way clinical trials are run, presenting new opportunities to expand patient access, especially among historically underrepresented patient groups, and bring life saving drugs and devices to market efficiently and effectively,” says Matt Walz, CEO of Trialbee. “Through this partnership, Trialbee and uMotif are transforming clinical trials to benefit global patients, trials sponsors, CROs, investigative sites and other stakeholders.”

Patients are digitally matched to study protocols via Trialbee HIVE™, the real-world data (RWD) driven patient matching platform that accelerates recruitment using global data assets, look-alike modelling, and a scalable nurse qualification process.  Qualified, study-ready patients are then consented at-site or remotely through the Trialbee platform, which is integrated with uMotif’s application. 

Once enrolled, patients use the engaging uMotif app to capture large volumes of high quality ePRO, eDiary and symptom data in real-time throughout the duration of a trial. Patients are empowered to manage and collect their data in an easy-to-use application, while sponsors receive a better understanding of patient symptoms and behavior.

“uMotif’s collaboration with Trialbee supports our mission to provide a more seamless experience for patients and clinical trial professionals including sponsors, CROs and sites. Our human-centred and design-led approach means our technology powers the capture of large volumes of high-quality patient data, via BYOD and/or provisioned devices. Empowering patients to capture their data remotely through a Decentralized Clinical Trial approach removes site burden and potential bias, supporting more efficient trials.” Said Bruce Hellman, CEO of uMotif.