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TTP Labtech Previews New Product for Crystallography Users at ACA

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Displaying its renowned mosquito® Crystal and mosquito LCP, the onsite team will also be providing delegates with a sneak preview of its latest pipetting innovation, the woodpecker screen optimiser.

The new woodpecker instrument will broaden TTP’s currently available crystallography portfolio, enabling the simple, reliable and fast set-up of screen plates. This new automated screen optimiser combines novel pipetting technology with non-contact positive displacement pipetting, allowing the dispense of a broad range of fluid viscosities from as low as 0.5 µL directly into crystallography plates without the need for liquid classification. Optimised screen plates can therefore be set-up in less than 5 minutes, with zero cross-contamination. Combined with the accurate nanoliter dispensing capabilities of mosquito Crystal, users can be confident in the accuracy and repeatability of their automated crystallization set-up. In addition, mosquito LCP automates membrane protein screening, optimisation and scale-up, while eliminating the issues often associated with the LCP method.

Further supporting TTP Labtech’s dedicated crystallography product portfolio, it will be presenting two posters at the upcoming ACA meeting. The first, entitled “Fast, simple and accurate screen optimisation with the TTP Labtech woodpecker” provides an introduction to the new woodpecker instrument, outlining its capabilities as an automated non-contact screen optimiser. The second poster, “mosquito Crystal and mosquito LCP: fast, reliable automation of protein crystallisation drop set-up” outlines the capabilities of both mosquito models, as well as their applications in automating hanging drop, sitting drop and microbatch set-up.